Lovely aces,
Has anyone dumped you or not dated you because of your asexuality. Submit your stories.

Anonymous said: Hi! Okay so recently I've been questioning my sexuality... I've identified as bisexual for five years now. But, upon learning about asexuality, I think I might be biromantic asexual. I'm a virgin, but I have been aroused and have masturbated before, and I like it. But the thought of having actual, physical sex does not sound appealing to me. Would you say this is asexuality? Thanks ahead of time, also your blog is very helpful!


The main thing you have to ask yourself is ‘do I experience sexual attraction to people?’. You can become aroused and masturbate, that’s just human! But, if you look at somebody and their body turns you on, then you’re probably not asexual.

I hope that helped, and thank you!

Anonymous said: Part.2 A character's sexuality is always determined by those who give the character life. If the writer(s) does't specify the character's sexuality then it can be guessed. But if the writer(s) explicitly say the character's sexuality then there is nothing the audience can say that can change the character's canon sexuality. So in this case Sheldon is not an Ace and at this point in time he their isn't a chance of him becoming one.

I apologize, I was not aware they had shot the idea down completely. Thank you for telling me politely. :)

I completely agree with all of you guys who replied on the Sheldon question. The writers are being very shitty about it, meaning the other characters are as well. They’re treating him very badly. I have another view point though. I know it’s like they’re all trying to correct him and make him something he’s not, but he could still be asexual. He hasn’t even been “fixed” by the relationship He did kiss Amy and he did agree to maybe have sex with her, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still be asexual. Asexuals have sex. Asexuals kiss. The only reason Sheldon didn’t kiss before was a) germphobia and b) human contact. I think his relationship with Amy is helping him get over his fear of human contact. But human contact doesn’t tie in with what he is sexually attracted to which so far appears to be nothing. And also, if he is autistic he can still be asexual. :) Asexuals come from all areas. These are just my opinions. ^_^ I would love comments, arguments, and debates if you have any other ideas. 

Anonymous said: I think sheldon is closer to demisexual because he has insinuated that he is highly uncomfortable with sexual interaction right now he may one day be okay with sexual interaction with Amy (I don't remember which episode he said it in, sorry!)

I recall that scene! My only problem with your suggestion is that he can still very well be asexual even if he does have sex with Amy. All that has to happen is he admits he doesn’t find her or anybody sexually attractive and he’s canonly asexual. He may be Demi though if he tells her he thinks she’s sexually attractive. Sadly, we’ll have to wait! :c

I have a question for you all,

In your opinion do you believe Sheldon Cooper from TBBT is asexual?

Anonymous said: I just saw a picture of Neville longbottoms actor (i dont know why I cant pemember his name) and he had a a black ring on the middle finger of his right hand. Coincidence? I think not.

Excited, I decided to look the picture up. To my dismay it looks like a wedding ring. :c

Anonymous said: I have always considered having kids, but I'm pretty sure I would rather adopt than go through the whole sex thing. It grosses me out.

Im actually the same way! Well, I dont really want kids per say, but my girlfriend does so we might have one. :)

Anonymous said: How do I tell my best friend that I'm an asexual panromantic?

Just tell them you have something important to tell them and come out. If theyre youre friend they will accept you. :)

Anonymous said: Hello! I love your blog and I think you're awesone. I'm just curious, how do you and your gf make it work if you're asexual and she's pansexual? 🎂🎂

Because we both respect each others sexualitys. We reached a compromise on sex and its not an issue for us, luckily. :)